The faculty of the institute

The Faculty of Management and Law is the most important organizational and educational structural unit of the Vinnytsia Cooperative Institute, which began operations in 2008.

Accountants, economists, accountants, accountants, taxation personnel, marketing, managers, business consultants, notaries, lawyers, lawyer counseling, civil servants – this is a partial list of the professional orientation of our graduates.

The study of the first (bachelor) level is carried out in the following disciplines: accounting and taxation, finance, banking and insurance, marketing, management, business, commerce and stock trading, law.

In addition, students who have obtained a bachelor’s degree have the opportunity to continue their studies in the walls of our institute and earn a master’s degree in management or a bachelor’s degree in another subject.

Since 2017, the institute has introduced the program “Double Degree”. Graduates of the Faculty of Management and Law receive two diplomas: Vinnytsia Cooperative Institute and Kielce University of Economics, Law and Medicine.

After graduation, an established recruitment agency will help graduates get a first job.

Today, the Faculty of Management and Law relies on the best pedagogical and pedagogical traditions that have accumulated in more than 90 years of development of the institute.

The Faculty consists of 5 departments: “The Economic Theory and the Basic Social Sciences and Humanities”, “Management”, “Legal”, “Marketing and Entrepreneurship”, “Finance, Accounting and Analysis”.

The teaching staff consists of 45 people, including 25 candidates of science, 4 doctors of science, 3 professors. Thanks to their inspired work and professionalism, the faculty gained authority and respect.

Traditions have already been established at the faculty. For example, there were regular scientific student conferences of business promotion, in which students of the faculty as well as students of domestic and foreign educational institutions actively participate. Her works are published in scientific collections.

The faculty’s scientific and educational staff is working on research on Institutional Support for the Development of the Consumer Market in the Region.

There are associations at the faculty: School of Financial Readability, Marketer, Modern Entrepreneur, Kommersant, Finance and Accounting.

Our students have the opportunity to engage in amateur (vocal, dance) groups, visit the sports section in volleyball, basketball, football (for men and women teams) and table tennis, athletics and weightlifting.

Sporting achievements of the students of the faculty of economics and law are shown again and again at different events: they are masters of the universities of Vinnitsa region and the Universiade sports day, Ukraine championships.

There is a specific system of work with graduates at the faculty: meetings are held and they are invited to collaborate in conducting conferences and disputes.

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