The history of the Vinnytsia Cooperative Institute is almost 100 years old.

During this time, the institution developed from a cooperative school, which was founded in Vinnytsia in 1925.

Initially, 284 students were trained in four offices and a lab in two shifts.

At that time, 35 people worked in the technical school (25 of them teachers), there was a library with 3533 books and a student cooperative, provided for the catering of the students.

Over the years, the material and technical equipment of the institute has been steadily improved.

An important focus has always been the training of professionals for the catering industry.

In 2002, according to the decision of the board of the Vinnytsia Regional Consumer Union of 27.11.2002. For №43-К cooperative college was restructured in Cooperative College of Economics and Law.

In April 2008, Vinnytsia Cooperative Institute was established through the reorganization of the Cooperative School of Economics and Law.

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