Distance learning

History of Distance Learning

In general, distance learning has gained a high status and is widely used in Vinnytsia.

In 1957 the Vinnytsia Trade and Cooperative School was transformed into a technical school.

At the same time the distance education of the technical school was opened.

Distance education is characterized by the independent examination of the subject material, which opens up unlimited opportunities for successful employment, career development and self-realization of the individual.

This is one of the best ways to improve access to quality higher education because it offers the possibility of combining learning and work.

Distance learning is a structural unit of the Vinnytsia cooperative institute, where the training of junior staff, bachelors and masters is carried out.

The educational process is organized in accordance with the schedule for the current academic year. Classes are led by experienced teachers.

Distance education actively cooperates with state and non-governmental institutions, local authorities and businesses.

Currently, the training of professionals is carried out in the following fields:

Education and Qualification Master

“Master of Management”, semester – 1, 5 years;

Education and qualification level Bachelor

“Bachelor of Accounting and Taxation”, shortened study time – 2 years;

“Bachelor of Law”, shortened study time – 2 years;

“Bachelor of Finance, Banking and Insurance”, shortened study time – 2 years;

“Bachelor of Marketing”, shortened study time – 2 years;

“Bachelor of Entrepreneurship, Trading and Stock Trading” – 2 years;

“Bachelor of Management”, shortened study time – 2 years;

Education Junior Specialist:

“Accounting and Taxes”, the duration of the study – 2 years;

“Finance, Banking and Insurance”, study time – 2 years;

“Marketing”, the semester – 2 years;

“Entrepreneurship, Commerce and Stock Exchanges”, the study duration is 2 years;

“Food Technologies”, the training period – 2 years;

“Hotel restaurant business”, the semester – 2 years.

Basis “experienced professional”:

“Accounting and Taxes”, study time – 1 year 6 months;

“Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchanges”, the study duration is 1 year;

“Marketing”, reduced training time – 1 year;

“Food Technologies”, the semester – 1 year 6 months;

“Hotel restaurant business”, the semester – 1 year 6 months.

Graduates who have attained the “Junior Specialist” education and qualification level are entitled to continue education for the Bachelor’s degree.

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