Career service

How to benefit as an employer from our Career Service:

Students who want to work seasonal work for you up to 3 months during the semester break, mainly in the hotel and catering industry

Students who have already completed their first training with us, then want to do a 3-year vocational training in occupations of the hotel and catering industry, e.g.

  • Housekeeping
  • Reception
  • Service
  • Kitchen
  • as well as in many other occupations

Graduates and professionals who have successfully completed their studies and now want to work for you permanently, either in a Ukrainian branch of your company or in your company in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

The Vinnytsia Cooperative Institute and the College of Economics and Law cover a variety of disciplines. The expertise and expertise of our students covers a wide range of areas.

You get highly motivated, committed and highly educated young people and the students and graduates expand their knowledge and experience or find the right job for their education.

A classic WIN-WIN situation.

Contact us here. We are looking for suitable candidates for you immediately.

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